Department of Research Services

The Department of Research Services

It provides non-partisan and well researched information to MPs for plenary debates, committee or constituency business; to senior staff for business of House or service, and to individual MPs and delegations which present Parliament in various other fora.

The department has qualifications and skills that mirror the government’s core departments and sectors i.e. natural scientists, social scientists, lawyers, accountants, economists and statistians.

The department produces a number of outputs such as committee briefs/issue briefs, routine research reports, bill analysis reports, post legislative reports, policy analysis reports, monitoring & evaluation reports, concept notes and many others.

Vision: To be a centre of excellence for the parliamentary research services.

Mission: To foster parliamentary business through well-researched and up to date information.

Purpose: To support the work of Parliament, by providing research services, analysis and technical advice.


Name Designation Telephone
Bagonza John Director 0414377251
Tumukwasibwe Enoth Assistant Director 0414377252
Kintu Francis Assistant Director 0414377253

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