Departments and Offices

Mandate of Departments and Political Offices in the Parliamentary Service

  1. The Office of the Speaker: To provide administrative support services to facilitate the Rt Hon. Speaker’s work. Tel: +256 414-377100/102.
  2. The Office of the Deputy Speaker: To provide administrative support services to facilitate the Rt Hon. Deputy Speaker’s work. Tel: +256 414-377110/112.
  3. The Office of the Leader of Government Business: To provide administrative support services to the Leader of Government Business (LGB), Government Chief Whip (GCW) and Cabinet Ministers. Tel: +256 414-377050/051.
  4. The Office of the Leader of the Opposition: To provide administrative support services to the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament (LOP), Chief Opposition Whip (COW), Party Whips and Shadow Cabinet Ministers. Tel: +256 414- 377030/031.
  5. The Office of the Clerk to Parliament. To provide a vision and leadership as the de-facto Chief Executive Officer to the Parliamentary Service and for initiating the strategies to achieve that vision. The Office also provides advice and guidance to the Speaker with respect to the rules, procedures and protocol of Parliament and directs the internal management of the Service. Tel: +256 414-377150/151/155.
  6. The Department of Administration and Transport Logistics: To provide administrative, transport and logistical services to MPs, committees and units of Parliament. Tel: +256 414-377180/181.
  7. The Department of Clerks: To provide legislative procedural advice and administrative support to the House and its committees. Tel: +256 414-377200/201.
  8. The Commission Secretariat: To provide technical and administrative support services to the Parliamentary Commissioners in the execution of their work and to facilitate the meetings of the Commission and its sub-committees. Tel: +256 414-377020/021.
  9. The Department of Communication and Public Affairs: To disseminate accurate information and educate the public on the operations and functions of Parliament and provide protocol services to MPs, guests and staff to foster the corporate image of Parliament. Tel: +256 414-377320/321.
  10. The Department of Corporate Planning and Strategy: To coordinate the development, review, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Parliamentary Strategic Plan (PSP), aligned to the NDPIII; mobilising and accounting for external resources; planning and implementing capacity development programmes; engaging stakeholders on PSP implementation and coordinating gender and equity mainstreaming at Parliament.
  11. The Department of Finance: To provide financial, procurement and store’s inventory services to the Parliamentary Commission Tel: +256 414-377-400/401.
  12. The Department of Human Resource: To advise the Parliamentary Commission and implement Human Resources Management matters. Tel: +256 414-377370/371.
  13. The Department of Information and Communication Technology: To develop, maintain and support Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems and services and to provide user support and ICT training. Tel: +256 414-377450/451.
  14. The Department of Legislative and Procedural Services: To provide legislative and procedural services to the Parliament in accordance with Article 79 of the Constitution. Tel: +256 414-377520/521.
  15. The Department of Library Services: To provide technical support to the Parliamentary Commission through the provision of library and information services and coordination of records management services. Tel: +256 414-377560/561.
  16. The Department of Litigation and Compliance: To provide legal advisory, litigation and compliance services to Parliament and the Parliamentary Commission. Tel: +256 414-377540/541.
  17. The Department of Official Report: To produce an accurate, timely and verbatim report of the proceedings of Parliament. The report is called the Hansard Tel: +256 414-377590/593/592/591.
  18. The Department of Research Services: To support the work of Parliament by providing research services, analysis and technical advice. Tel: +256 414-377670/671.
  19. The Department of Sergeant-At-Arms: To provide ceremonial aspects of the House, building maintenance, cleaning services, front desk services, to manage accommodation and facilitate occupational health and safety. Tel: +256 414-377730/733.
  20. The Parliamentary Budget Office: To advise Parliament and its committees on the budget and national economy. Tel: +256 414-377236/291.