Internship Policy

The Parliamentary Commission shall support an internship program designed to provide learning and growth opportunities as well as professional experience to students of institutions of higher learning or universities. The Internship program will assist students in reaching their educational goals by giving them the opportunity to augment classroom training with exposure to the employment setting.

Selection, Induction and Placement of Interns

  1. Interns may be taken on for the internship program for a period of three months.
  2. Applications for internship shall be addressed to the clerk to Parliament
  3. The Internship application shall include the following:
  1. Letter from the university where the student is studying
  2. Statement of the specific area of interest
  3. Applicant’s learning expectations
  4. Student’s contacts (telephone and email address)
  1. Selection of interns for the Parliamentary Internship program shall be processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. The intake for student interns shall be thrice a year, that is, January-April, June-August and April to June. The April-June intake is exclusively for the Law Development Centre student interns.
  3. The interns shall undergo an induction upon commencement of the induction program where they shall learn about the institution of Parliament, organizational structure, goals and objectives.
  4. The interns shall be placed in departments relating to their course/area of interest to ensure they derive maximum benefit from the internship program.

Responsibilities in the implementation of the internship program

The Human Resource Department

  1. The department shall receive all applications and screen them to ensure the following:
  1. A letter from the higher institution of learning/university is attached
  2. That the higher institution of learning/university is recognized by the national council of higher education of Uganda.
  3. Internship is part of the student’s course requirement program
  1. The department shall coordinate an induction program for the interns which shall include administering an oath of secrecy among others.
  2. The department shall deploy/place the interns in the respective departments.

Head of department

  1. Provide to the interns an in-depth induction of department functions and activities as well as their relationship with the role the student intern will be performing.
  2. Mentor interns by sharing knowledge, experience and guidance on how to advance their careers.

The supervisor

Each intern supervisor shall be responsible for:

  1. Supervision and coaching of interns
  2. Performance, assessment, preparing progress reports and provide feedback on interns’ assignments.
  3. Provide the requisite feedback to the intern’s university supervisor

Interns Discipline and grievance handling

  1. All interns shall conduct themselves in accordance with code of conduct and ethics of the Parliamentary Service.
  2. Discipline and grievance matters relating to interns shall be handled in line with the discipline and grievance policy.

Exit of internship

  1. All interns shall hand over to their supervisors, property of the institution in their possession.
  2. An internship report shall be provided to the intern as required by their higher institution of learning/university
  3. The HR department shall schedule and conduct an exit interview to I obtain feedback from the intern.

For details contact the Human Resource Department on +256414377440