Committees of Parliament

Standing Committees

Standing committees last two and half years. They are set up at the start of a new term of Parliament and again after two and half years. They comprise about 30 members selected by party whips. The Composition of Standing Committees is as follows: 

1.The Business Committee

2.The Appointments Committee

3.The Budget Committee

4.The Committee on Government Assurance and Implementation

5.The Committee on Equal Opportunities

6.The Committee on Public Accounts (Central Government)

7.The Committee of Public Accounts (Local Government)

8.The Committee of Public Accounts (Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises)

9.The Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline

10.The Committee on National Economy

11.The Committee on HIV/AIDS and Related Matters  

12.The Committee on Human Rights

13. The Committee on Climate Change

14. The Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation


Sectoral Committees

These are departmentally related committees, whose composition is determined at the start of each new session. Sectoral Committees last one session, and comprise about 30 members designated by Whips and approved by the House. Independent MPs can apply through the Clerk to Parliament to serve on committees of their choice. 

The Composition of Sectoral Committees is as follows:

1.The Committee on Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries

2.The Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs

3. The Committee on East African Community Affairs

4. The Committee on Education and Sports

5. The Committee on Finance, Planning and Economic Development

6. The Committee on Foreign Affairs

7.The Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development

8. The Committee on Health

9. The Committee on Information, Communication Technology and National Guidance

10.The Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

11. The Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

12.The Committee on Physical Infrastructure

13.The Committee on Presidential Affairs

14. The Committee on Public Service and Local Government

15.The Committee on Tourism, Trade and Industry