Youth activists petition Kadaga on climate change

Young environmental activists under their body, Fridays for Future Club, have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, over what they called government’s reluctant approach towards combating climate change.
The coordinator of the group, Shadrach Nyerere, said the government needs to show more commitment to adhering to the Paris Agreement on implementing measures to fight climate change.
He said that a change in temperature alone can have adverse effects.
“A one degree variation in temperature can affect cash crops like coffee, which is a commercial backbone for the country,” Nyerere said.
He added that Parliament should take keen note and tackle environmental pollution since it affects communities negatively.
 “We need policy makers to increase awareness for the cause that should eventually see the enforcement of the Paris Agreement unwaveringly,” he added.
“Poor waste disposal of polythene bags and industrial waste especially into wet lands affects the natural filtration process of water which we consume and the land we use to grow crops,” Nyerere explained.
Nyerere said that they have tried to participate in environmental protection activities but are inhibited by a number of challenges.
“We tried to approach the environmental police and the Ministry of Water and Environment to get support and tree seedlings but they do not help or take us seriously,” he added.
Nyerere said that the Club has been able to recruit 1,500 youth around country and have set up environmental protection clubs in each of the schools.
Hilda Nakabe, an environment activist, asked the government of Uganda to declare a climate emergency and also review the school curricular.
“I strongly demand that the government introduces a curriculum on climate change in all schools so that the fight to mitigate climate change starts with the younger people,” she said.
Leah Namugerwa, another member of the club requested that Fridays for Future Club is acknowledged and granted more visibility as a youth club fighting climate change.
The Speaker said that she would support the club and give it more visibility by endorsing their activities.
“I am grateful for all the effort you have put in because every time I am on the road, I see charcoal and wonder whether the trees have been replaced,” she said adding that, “I have been pushing for a Tree Fund in vain”.
Kadaga added that with the youth on board, she is positive that the issue of protecting the environment will gather more traction.