The Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Social Protection (UPFSP)


Social and Economic transformation for the vulnerable persons.


To advocate and promote the rights and the empowerment of vulnerable persons in Uganda through effective stakeholder engagement and legislation.


The UPFSP is open to all Members of Parliament who have special interest on issues of social justice particularly the advancement of social protection to the rest of Ugandans through a collective effort.

Forum Objectives

The forum is established under the following objectives:

  1. To effectively undertake a key role in legislating on issues relating to social protection.
  2. To provide oversight and m onitor programs and projects in line with social protection to assess their efficiency and service delivery effectiveness.
  3. To mobilise and encourage networking among Members of Parliament and facilitate communication, dialogue and cooperation with other organisations with similar objectives.
  4. To provide a platform where strategic advocacy and pressure groups can analyse and translate information for civic education on social protection issues aimed at enhancing equality and fairness in access and control of resources.
  5. To advocate and strategically influence resource allocation for programs that advance social protection.
  6. To do any other lawful thing necessary and incidental to the achievement of the above objectives.


The Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Social Protection

P.O BOX 7178, Kampala

Te: +256777557387 / +256701928084