Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction (UPFDRR)

Background of Disasters Issues in Uganda

Disaster risk reduction (DRR) is a broad approach concerned with building the resilience of communities to mitigate the impact of disasters that might occur in the future and includes actions that may be political, technical, social or economic.  There is now international acceptance the Disaster Risk Reduction must be integrated into policies, plans and programmes for sustainable development and poverty reduction. Although this is the desired situation, disaster management and preparedness is still a national challenge. This requires knowledge, capacity and input from a wide range of sectors and organisations, including government, non-state actors, private sector, and development partners.  Members of Parliament have a pivotal role to play in DRR as they can engage on the agenda at local, national, regional, and global levels while exercising their roles in oversight of government policies and resources, representation of constituents, legislation and budget appropriation.

Uganda is vulnerable to many hazards such as floods, land and mudslides, epidemics, drought, hailstorm, and high rainfall variability. The prevalence and severity of the disasters continues to erode the asset base of communities resulting in humanitarian crises to the detriment of investment in long-term development programmes as these may not thrive where a humanitarian crisis is evolving. Consequently, this has indirectly contributed to increased poverty, deprivation, food insecurity, and social disintegration especially in drought and flood prone areas and the perception of marginalization among such communities due to limited interventions of new development projects and basic social services.

1.2    About UPFDRR
The Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction (UPFDRR) was launched in July 2011 by the 9th parliament under an executive committee of nine members after realizing that Uganda is a Country which is vulnerable to the impact of Natural hazards like Floods, Drought and others. The Country has lost many people and their properties due to these Disaster Risks.
1.3    Vision
The forum envisions sustainable development for Uganda that is resilient to disaster.

1.4    Mission
The mission of the forum is to make meaningful contribution towards uplifting the social wellbeing of the people of Uganda by promoting and facilitating DRR.

2.   Objectives of DRR Forum

  • Influence national spending, policies and laws to enhance to DRR in Uganda,
  • Present constituents’ concerns on disaster risk to the national stage,
  • Become knowledgeable monitors and impartial advisors,
  • Raise public awareness on DRR at local and national levels, and
  • Influence development partners to support efforts to build resilience.
  • Also, strengthen the Secretariat to support the members.

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