Network of African Women ministers and Parliamentarians - Uganda Chapter

(The Parliamentary Forum on Maternal Health)

Our Origin
NAWMP-Uganda Chapter is part o the Network for African women Ministers and Parliamentarians (NAWMP) adopted in the meeting of the African Women Ministers and Parliamentarians sitting in Libreville, Gabon on 26th November 2004.NAWMP was established, inter alias, to promote an equal representation of women and men in decision making processes at the National, Regional and International levels; and to strengthen the advocacy skills of women leaders. It is within this broad framework that NAWMP-Uganda Chapter was established in July 2006.

Our Membership
NAWMP-Uganda Chapter is open to all members of Parliament especially those with the conviction and Commitment to promote and Advocate for Improved Maternal Health in Uganda.
We are a non partisan body guided by the mandate from a number of conventions, platforms, and UN resolutions. These include:

  • Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW) (1979);
  • The Dakar Platform of Action (1994);
  • The International Conference on Population and Development (1994)
  • Resolution 1325 of the United Nations Security Council on Women, Peace and Security(2000)
  • The Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of women in Africa(2000);
  • The African Union declaration on Gender Equity(2004)

The Voice NAWMP Represents
NAWMP-Uganda Chapter is a lobby group.We is a voice for silent majority-the Women and Children, who on the whole are 50% of our constituents. Our Primary considerations are:

  • All women and Girls who are in the Reproductive age (15-50 years)
  • Pregnant Women and their un born babies
  • Adolescent mothers
  • Women affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Women with Non Communicable Diseases like Cervical Cancer

NAWMP-Uganda Chapter’s niche proposes to focus on Maternal health in executing its broader mandate and therefore seeks to reposition maternal health as a factor for National development, through advocacy and lobbying for maternal health-related legislation and resource allocation, and its integration and mainstreaming into the National Poverty eradication Plan.

A country with informed reproductive Health and right choices that assure maternal health for its citizens.

To serve as a national platform fro legislation, representation and oversight of an environment that fosters improved maternal health in Uganda.


  • Enhance institutional Development of NAWMP-Uganda Chapter as a Reproductive Health Forum.
  • Advocate for repositioning  of Maternal Health as a Development Issue
  • Policy Oversight of mechanisms for Providing Maternal health
  • Advocate for Universal Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Services
  • Women’s Empowerment and Community Mobilization for Maternal Health-related services.

NAWMP-U operates in the public policy arena. With a small secretariat based in the Parliamentary building with a coordinator and an assistant. .NAWMP has an executive committee of 9, and a General Assembly constituted by its registered membership. NAWMP-Uganda Chapter does not deal in day to day management of grassroots projects but empowers suitable partner collaborating organizations in advocacy for improved maternal health.

Due to the recognized leadership role of women Uganda as regards to national and International actions including poverty eradication, gender equality, Reproductive Health issues and elimination  of all forms of discrimination against women, the Network remains uniquely positioned to stimulate and spearhead women leadership in new, as well as long –standing problems, in these areas. Coupled with the parliamentarians’ mandate of legislation, representation and oversight, NAWMP-Uganda Chapter aims at:

  • Strengthening cooperation between the Executive and Legislative for better consideration of population issues in national  development strategies;
  • Enhancing advocacy skills of women leaders in respect to leadership, resource mobilization, gender equity and equality;
  • Following up and tracking country programmes that are geared towards addressing the plight of women;
  • Fulfillment of action programmes and platform resulting from the recommendations of the International conference on population  and Development(ICPD); and
  • Improving living conditions for women and Girls.

Contact Address
The Network of African Women Ministers and Parliamentarians-Uganda Chapter (NAWMP-U)
P.O.BOX 7178, Kampala-Uganda
Tel. +256712420037, +256704420037, +256774580600