The Greater North Parliamentary Forum was established in May 2008 by members from the Greater North region of Uganda with the major goal of creating a forum through which members from within and outside this region can offer political leadership and monitoring to the Post Conflict and Recovery Process of Northern Uganda. The Forum comprises of all Members of Parliament from the Greater North offering a neutral space in which members can engage beyond party constraints. The Forum is also open to other Members of Parliament from other parts of the country who participate in the Forum’s programmes as Associate Members. This region mainly incorporates regions that have been affected by conflict and those transiting and recovering from conflict in the Greater North region including Karamoja, Lango Acholi, West Nile, Elgon and Teso.

A United, Peaceful and Prosperous people in the whole of the Greater North

To promote parliamentary team work, regional harmony, lobbying national and international development support for the Greater North

GNPF’s Overall Objectives
The overall objectives of the Forum include the following;

  • To promote Peace, Unity and Stability amongst the people of the Greater North
  • Enhancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • Strengthening the role of civil society in promoting human rights and democratic reform, supporting the peaceful conciliation of group interests and consolidating political participation and representation.
  • To strengthen networking amongst parliamentarians, Civil Society Organizations and Development Partners for the common goal of facilitating post conflict recovery and development of this region
  • To identify and promote good cultural values of the communities of the Greater North
  • To promote social, economic and political development in the Greater North.
  • Monitor government and other programmes on behalf of the people of the Greater North
  • Champion reconciliation efforts of the Greater North with other parts of Uganda
  • Provide a neutral forum for Members of Parliament to engage in critical thinking, planning and strategy building for development of the Greater North beyond political party constraints
  • To work with local, national and international stakeholders for the attainment of the Millennium development goals in the Greater North