AMANI means peace in Kiswahili.  AMANI Uganda is the local chapter of a regional forum of Parliamentarians from the Great Lakes  Region, who are committed to peace and peaceful prevention and resolution of conflicts in their own countries and in their region. AMANI Forum has chapters in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zambia with a regional secretariat based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The aim of AMANI is to work to eliminate the causes of armed conflict and promote peace and reconciliation where conflict has erupted.  AMANI strives  to enhance the status and the role of Members of Parliament in peace making in the region, and to act as a regional Parliamentary group in respect of conflict prevention and resolution.

Why a Forum for Parliamentarians in Peace building?

Political will and leadership are key issues in consolidating peace and stability.  In intra-state and cross border conflicts, legislative bodies have a unique role in mediating between various interests to promo9te peace.  As elected people’s representatives, parliamentarian are well placed to understand and provide solutions to the many intricate issues that often contribute to conflict.  Based on their solidarity, regional Parliamentarians can play a more pro-active role in setting the political agenda for peace and stability.  They carry out their representative, oversight and legislative roles to ensure equitable allocation of resources and greater representation of the people in the political system.  The involvement of MPs in peace building and conflict mitigation is also part of the process of incorporating the legislative arm of government in regional diplomacy efforts.