Private Member's Bill to regulate Human Resource professionals

The House has granted Workers’ Representative, Hon. Margret Rwabushaija, leave to introduce a private member’s Bill entitled, “The Human Resource Management Professionals Bill.”

The Bill is intended to establish the Human Resource Management Institute with its council as a regulatory body, which will oversee the registration of members of the institute, the professional conduct of human resource management professionals and disciplinary measures for any misconduct.

Rwabushaija said that the Bill is timely as there is currently no legal framework to regulate the human resource management function.

“The absence of the regulatory body to set and enforce the required professional standards for the effective movement of the most critical resource, has left many organisations operating under varied standards and increased unprofessional conduct,” Rwabushaija said.

She tabled her motion seeking leave to introduce the Bill on Wednesday, 23 August 2023, in a plenary sitting chaired by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa.

Rwabushaija said the global and regional trends of free labour movements and the emerging opportunities, call on Uganda to build the competencies of its labour force in order to compete favourably.

“Globally and regionally the human resource management function has become dynamic in order to cope with the social, economic, legal, political and technological innovation. For example, the revival of the East African Community has created new opportunities, standards and challenges that require member states to build the competencies of their human resources,” said Rwabushaija.