Speaker condoles with Kenya on CDF death as MPs rally against malaria

Parliament has paid tribute to the fallen Kenyan Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Francis Ogolla, who died in a helicopter crash on Thursday, 18 April 2024. 

Gen Ogolla and other officers died in the afternoon crash yesterday, President William Ruto announced yesterday. He also declared three days of national mourning starting today. 

During the House sitting on Friday, 19 April 2024, Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, commiserated with Kenya on the tragic death of the officers.

“Our condolence goes to the Republic of Kenya for the loss of the Chief of Defence Forces [Gen Francis Ogolla],” she said, motioning MPs to observe a moment of silence to honour the departed.

MPs to walk against malaria

In her communication to the House, Speaker Among invited MPs to participate in a walk organised to raise awareness against malaria scheduled for Saturday, April 20, 2024.

“...Tomorrow is the 2024 walk against malaria and it will be held under the theme, “Zero Malaria starts with you”; as we strive to eradicate malaria as one of the leading causes of mortality, I would like to implore the Ministry of Health to consider scheduling such walks in some of the geographical areas with the highest prevalence of malaria; this way, sensitisation will be achieved in the most vulnerable communities,” she said. 

MP Goefrey Mutiwa (NRM, Bunyole County West) said the walk is important in curbing malaria related mortalities. 

“I implore all colleagues to attend the run in their numbers to ensure that we raise awareness against malaria and prevent deaths,” he said. 

Hon. Naboth Namanya (FDC, Rubabo County) said there is need for government to ensure nets are distributed to all families for protection against malaria. 

“It was a surprise to me to see only 50 nets being distributed; I hope this walk will help us to mobilise all the strength to help and eliminate malaria in Uganda,” he said. 

Hon. Charles Bakkabulindi (NRM, Workers) said such walks and other strategies for raising awareness against malaria should be routine and research based. 

“We have been with this killer disease for a very long time. We need to concentrate on research; let a time be designated to ensure all MPs go to their constituencies and raise awareness against malaria,” he said.

Hon. Nicholas Kamara (FDC, Kabale Municipality) saw a nexus between socio-economic conditions of the population and prevalence of malaria, drawing parallels with Italy and how they struggled to eliminate the disease, until the standard of living was improved. 

“It is important that the way of living of our people is improved - the housing, the environment and so on and so forth. Some people do not even have where to hang the nets,” he said.