National Prayer Breakfast to take place at State House, Entebbe

Parliament will host the National Prayer Breakfast on 08 October 2023 at State House Entebbe, under the theme, ‘Fear not, repent and serve the Lord’.

The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa said the prayer breakfast is open to Members of Parliament irrespective of political affiliations.
“The purpose of the prayer breakfast is to renew and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood with the faithful across the country, and also an opportunity to seek God’s guidance as we serve the people,” Tayebwa said.

A section of legislators however, disagreeable with the venue which they said is likely to discourage Opposition members from attendance.
“Because of Covid-19, we have been hosting the National Prayer Breakfast at State House, but since the aim is to unite all people both within and out of government, I request that the venue is changed to Kololo ceremonial grounds such that it is convenient for all people” said Hon. Michael Timuzigu (NRM, Kajara County).

The Chief Opposition Whip, Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe said hosting the prayer breakfast at State House does not make it a national and unifying platform.

The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga expressed concern with the requirement of taking Covid-19 tests, whenever legislators are to meet the President saying the same is no longer a requirement elsewhere.
“People need to know what it is about State House or the Presidency and Covid-19. What difference does it make to do a Covid test when going to State House and not any other place?” Mpuuga said.

The State Minister for Primary Healthcare, Hon. Margaret Muhanga said Covid is still in existence and that the Ministry of Health registers between 50-60 cases per week.

Muhanga added that the ministry’s Scientific Committee advised that every person who meets the President needs a Covid test for his safety.
“We need to protect the President as the Fountain of Honour we were advised by the committee to ensure everyone who meets him takes a Covid test,” said Muhanga.

Deputy Speaker Tayebwa directed the minister to present an update on Covid-19.