Table regulations on water transport - Tayebwa

The Ministry of Works and Transport has been directed to present an update regulations to operationalise the Inland and Water Transport Act, 2021.

The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa said the law has been lying idle from when it was passed because the regulations to implement it have not been brought before Parliament for approval.
“We focus a lot on road carnage but we have people losing lives on lakes. It is very common to see children going to school on boats. Many fishermen have lost their lives and the police stations near the lakes have no statistics,” said Tayebwa.

Hon. Helen Nakimuli (NUP, Kalangala District) urged the minister to ensure that dangerous spots on the lakes are mapped out.
“The minister said they would do a survey and set up these signposts but nothing has been done. This should be taken seriously because we have seasons where people cannot travel safely on lakes because of strong winds,” said Nakimuli.

Hon. Moses Kabuusu (FDC, Kyamuswa County) called on the ministry to follow through with the establishment of rescue centres for accident victims on lakes.
“The Ministry of Works promised to build rescue centres in districts and islands like Kalangala, Namayingo, Buvuma, Koome and Mukono. We should see some efforts that when our people get accidents on the lake, there are mechanisms in place to rescue them,” Kabuusu said.
The Deputy Speaker also made a call to Parliament to consider support towards implementation of the road safety strategy during the budgeting process.

He observed that an estimated 12 people lose their lives to accidents daily in Uganda, which bears a huge impact on the country.

He alluded to a meeting with the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Road Safety, Global Health Volunteers and partners from Makerere School of Public Health.
“Out of the Shs6 billion needed to implement the road safety strategy, only Shs600 million was provided. I committed that we are going to follow up on this matter and work with the Minister for Finance to provide money for this,” said Tayebwa.