Gov’t asked to increase funding to public universities

Public Universities have asked government to increase funding for the living out allowances for government sponsored students.
In a meeting with the Committee on Education, the Senior Planner for Lira University, Tom Richard Atim said that since the inception of the university in July 2015, the government has been sending allowances for only 100 students yet the numbers had increased over time.
“I implore the government to allocate additional non-wage for the living out allowances for the 384 government sponsored students. The government has tagged sponsorship to the initial 100 students admitted during the first cohort when the university had just started,” he said.

The Chairperson of the Committee, Hon John Twesigye said that this was a recurring issue and would later on cause problems for the universities.
“I have not seen a reason why the government keeps hanging itself on the cross. Why don’t they ask the students to go to the student loan board, instead of promising air?” he asked.
Kashari South MP, Hon Nathan Itungo said that the living out allowances was disorganising the university’s budget since they needed to find funds from elsewhere.
“We need to do something as far as the living out allowances is concerned. It is unfair on the management side for the students and lecturers to assume that you receive these funds yet you don’t,” he said.

Hon Brendah Nabukenya, (NUP, Luweero District) said the issue has been there since she was the Guild President of Kyambogo University.
“We had so many strikes about living out allowances and the University Council goes ahead and looks for funds from the private students;  we need to push the government to honour their dues and on time,” she added.