Cabinet to consider National School Health Policy

The Ministry of Education and Sports will soon table before Cabinet the draft National School Health Policy.
This was revealed by the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja during Prime Minister’s Time on Thursday, 23 September 2021.  
The Prime Minister said that after Cabinet’s approval of the Policy, it will be presented to Parliament for consideration and approval.

Nabbanja was responding to a question raised by Amuru District Woman MP, Hon. Lucy Akello on the timeline for the National School Health Policy to be brought to Parliament for consideration.
Akello observed that the consequences of lack of the policy among youth included malnutrition, alcohol and substance abuse, teenage pregnancies and child marriages among others.

She added that such effects hindered youth from realising their full potential and also negatively impacted on the Uganda’s goal of a middle-income economy.
“The National School Health Policy which has gathered dust for the Iast 19 years is now mature enough. The policy lacks the regulatory impact assessment and Certificate of Financial Implications, which are key requirements before it is presented for approval,” said Akello.

The Prime Minister said Regulatory Impact Assessment (RlA) report and the draft National School Health Policy were developed in 2018 and this was followed by consultations with different stakeholders.

The Prime Minister added that officials at the Ministry are preparing a costed plan to determine the cost requirements for policy which she said will also guide in securing a certificate of financial implications from the Finance Ministry.

According to the draft Uganda School Health Policy of 12 June 2008 by the Ministry of Health and that of Education and Sports, prospective funding was listed to be acquired from central and local governments, foundation bodies, local and international NGOs and Community Based Organisations, development partners, parents and the community.

The document also tasks government to enact relevant laws and regulations to enable implementation of the policy.

To enhance the synergy between education and good health, the draft policy recommends measures including health education, physical education, sanitation and safe water and good nutrition among others.
“The measures will be implemented through a sector-wide approach with leading sectors being education and health. The key methods of implementation will be collaboration, coordination, integration, advocacy, and sustainable capacity building,” reads the document in part.