Museveni calls tax exemption of private universities

President Yoweri Museveni has called for a review of the tax policy where private education institutions are exempted from paying taxes.

Museveni said this during the launch of the Uganda Christian University (UCU) run on Saturday, 22 February 2020 in Mukono.
The run is aimed at raising money to support students who cannot afford the high tuition fees.
This followed a plea by the UCU Guild President, Timothy Kadaga who said that high taxes imposed on universities lead to high fees which are not affordable to many students.
 Museveni said the funds meant for these high taxes can be used to improve the curriculum of these institutions with emphasis on science based courses.  

“Why Tax universities? I don’t think taxing universities is a good idea. Let them use the money to develop their science laboratories and other projects,” Museveni said.
 Museveni added that exemption of private universities and other education institutions from Value Added Tax among others will not only ease Uganda Christian University’s financial tension but will also be an answered query for many other institutions.
The President added that government will help rebuild the Bishop Tucker Road that leads to the university and install streetlights.
“I have among others used the road and it’s bad.  I will send my people to assess the situation so that we can work on the road,” he said.
He also said he would look into a UCU land wrangle which the Deputy Vice chancellor (DVC), Finance and Administration, David Mugawe had brought to his attention.

Museveni pledged shs80 million and handed over shs30 million in cash to the Guild in support of the cause.
The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga welcomed the idea of the students’ annual run to raise tuition fees for the needy students saying it was a noble cause by the students.