LOP calls for unity among political parties

The Leader of the Opposition (LOP), Hon Betty Aol Ocan, has called for unity among political parties across the political divide in order to work towards the development of Uganda.

Ocan said the leadership of the Opposition is not only for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), the party she belongs to, but for the entire Opposition.
“I am here to represent all the parties on the side of the Opposition in Parliament.  I emphasize the need to work together to overcome our political affiliations for the good of our people, especially in terms of service delivery,” she said.

Ocan made the remarks while paying a courtesy call to the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) President, Hon. Jimmy Akena, at the party headquarters, Uganda House, on Wednesday, 26 September 2018.

She added that all opposition political parties should have a stake in the governance of the country by working together.

Akena welcomed the idea of harmonious co-existence and promised to offer the LOP the support she needs.
“We should not see contestation for power take the form it already has, which is marred by violence and intolerance as we see today. As a party, we are preaching maximum tolerance across the spectrum and this can only happen if we have dialogue and interaction,” he said.

Akena added that he appreciates the offer on the table to have, “UPC party members being part of the team in Parliament working for the development of our country”.

He said that the UPC party has always been ready to discuss even with those “showing us the biggest insults, because our country is bigger than us as individuals.”

The LOP has scheduled to meet other party heads as she works to enhance good working relationships with their representatives in Parliament.