Unity key to effective democracy - MPs

Members of Parliament have commended the organizational structure and peace in Israel, saying they have picked a leaf and will work to instil a footprint in the democratic and legislative processes in Uganda.
The legislators made the remarks while visiting the Knesset [Parliament] in Jerusalem, Israel on Sunday, 16 September 2019 where they held a meeting with Israeli legislators. The meeting was also attended by legislators and Government leaders from Mali, Nigeria and Central African Republic.
The State Minister for Tourism Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda told the meeting of Uganda’s diverse ethnicity, noting that the country had been able to unite  despite different tribal opinions, thus smoothening the trail of democracy.
“We believe in living together in the spirit of Pan-Africanism especially in the East African region, and pray that this visit helps us to achieve our goals,” said Kiwanda.
He also told the meeting that Uganda as a developing country was working hard to attain middle income status by the year 2020, majorly through socio-economic programmes being implemented by Government.
The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Betty Aol Ocan, was impressed by the patriotism of the Israelis especially in their way of life, which she said has been a key factor in growing their political, economic and infrastructural sectors.
“We need to work together in the Opposition so as to positively influence the decisions of Government so that we can address Ugandan issues and improve service delivery,” Aol said.
She also suggested that Parliament of Uganda could pick a leaf from the Knesset’s concept of a Public Petitions Committee that can receive petitions from the public and follow them up expeditiously.
“Parliament gets many petitions, and directing them to the Speaker overworks her… a public petitions committee can help us process issues of the public much faster,” added the LoP.
Hon. Yehuda Glick, a Member of Parliament for the Likud Party in Israel and leader of the HaLiba Coalition, which is dedicated to reaching a complete and comprehensive freedom and civil rights for Jews on the Temple Mount, highlighted the campaign to the delegates at the meeting.
He also commended US President Donald Trump for moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and called on other nations to unite with Jerusalem as per the Biblical Old Testament Covenant.
“As we mark the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel, the world [USA] begins recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel. This is a testament of God’s promise,” Glick said.
The legislators are attending the annual All Nations Convocation Jerusalem that brings together over 65 nations and gives Christians a chance to renew their faith in God and also places a platform for Government leaders to meet and share ideas on how to improve governance.
Ajuri County MP Hon. Denis Hamson Obua noted that the convocation also gives participating nations including Uganda a chance to renew diplomatic ties with Israel, and create partnerships.
“This yearly event must be wholeheartedly supported by the Government of Uganda, because it gives Christians a chance to follow Jesus’ footsteps and also creates room for diplomatic discussions with leaders of this country,” Obua noted.