Kadaga roots for campaign against abortion

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has called for a campaign against abortion urging legislators to agitate for the right to life. Kadaga said any campaign aimed at saving the family and life is her passion.
She made the remarks at the launch of ‘Uganda Pro-life Parliamentary Caucus,’ an advocacy group spearheaded by legislators involving Anglicans, Catholics, Pentecostals and Muslims. The event took place at Parliament on Thursday, 24 May 2018.
The caucus, which is hosting catholic legislators from Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania for a two day meeting will use its legislative powers to fight what they termed ‘disguised human rights that threaten life and God’s purpose’. 
Hon Nsaba Buturo (Bufumbira West) expressed concern that anti-pro-life groups often have adequate resources for advocacy unlike pro-life groups that are rarely funded.
“Most times, we legislate under external influence. It is only when we have strong moral holdings that we shall legislate in a way that promotes African values,” he said.
The Caucus Chairperson, Hon Lucy Akello said that despite the meagre resources available, the group is dedicated to the cause for life.
“We are launching this Caucus today; we don’t have any money but we are counting on God to enable us teach our children that we must promote life,” she added.
The President International Catholic Legislators Network in Netherlands, Christian Geusau, applauded Ugandan legislators for fighting homosexuality and asked them to be bold and fight western influence.
“It is Africa that will teach the West how to preserve life. Fellow legislators, do not bow down to the western ideological and neocolonial mentality that has wiped away a sense of morality, “ he said.