Can non-MPs visit Parliament?

Non MPs can visit Parliament for a tour of the Building or to attend plenary or committee sessions.

Admission to Parliament is free to the public, institutions, tourists and other individuals and groups.

Anyone wishing to visit Parliament ordinarily/formally presents a written request to the Clerk to Parliament who will delegate the Department of Communication and Public Affairs, which will advise them on the best time to visit and other requirements needed.

Visitors to Parliament should ensure that they are dressed decently.

Section 5 of the Parliament (Powers and Privileges) Act says, “No stranger shall be entitled as a right to enter or to remain within the precincts of the Assembly.” The same Act prohibits strangers from getting into the public galleries with a briefcase, camera, tape recorder, transistor radio, a mobile telephone or any electronic device. Firearms must also be surrendered to security officers at the entrance. In addition, while in the galleries, strangers are not permitted to smoke, read a book or newspaper.