How are the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) and Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Members of Parliament elected?


Parliament elects Uganda’s representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly and the Pan-African Parliament.

The East African Legislative Assembly is the legislative organ of the East African Community and consists of members elected from outside the national Parliaments of the partner states.

Uganda’s nine representatives to the Assembly include:

  1. Hon. Rose Akol Okullu (National Resistance Movement)
  2. Hon. Paul Mwasa Musamali (National Resistance Movement)
  3. Hon. George Stephen Odongo (National Resistance Movement)
  4. Hon. James Kakooza (National Resistance Movement)
  5. Hon. Mary Mugyenyi (National Resistance Movement)
  6. Hon. Dennis Namara (National Resistance Movement)
  7. Hon. Gerald Blacks Siranda (Democratic Party)
  8. Hon. Jacquiline Amongin (Independent)
  9. Hon. Veronica Babirye Kadogo (Independent)

The Pan-African Parliament represents all the people of Africa with the aim of evolving into an institution with full legislative powers, whose members are elected by universal adult suffrage.

The sittings of the Parliament are held in Midrand, South Africa. Members of Parliament elect five of its own to represent the country at the Pan-African Parliament.

The current members include:

  1. Hon. Felix Okot Ogong (National Resistance Movement)
  2. Hon. Juliet Achayo Lodou (National Resistance Movement)
  3. Hon. Caroline Kamusiime (National Resistance Movement)
  4. Hon. Patrick Nsamba Oshabe (INational Unity Platform)
  5. Hon. Abdu Katuntu - Designate (Independent)