Parliamentary Service

Top Management Team

The heads of departments in the Parliamentary Service come together under the Top Management Team (TMT), which is chaired by the Clerk to Parliament. The TMT was created with the aim of providing an institutionalised mechanism for ensuring that the departments of the Parliamentary Service adopted a more strategic and corporate approach to the management of services and finances. It is a functional body that is charged with the responsibility of enhancing greater effectiveness and efficiency of the Parliamentary Service.

The departments fall under three directorates; the Directorate of Parliamentary Affairs and the Directorate of Corporate Affairs each headed by a Deputy Clerk. The third directorate is the Office of the General Counsel to Parliament headed by the General Counsel. The departments are headed by Directors.

The Offices and Departments are:

  1.  Office of the Speaker
  2. The Office of the Deputy Speaker
  3. The Office of the Leader of the Opposition
  4. The Office of the Leader of Government Business
  5. The Department of Administration and Transport Logistics
  6. The Department of Clerks
  7. The Department of Communication and Public Affairs
  8. The Department of Corporate Planning and Strategy
  9. The Department of Finance
  10. The Department of Human Resource
  11. The Department of Information and Communication Technology
  12. The Department of Legal and Legislative Services
  13. Department of Library Services
  14. The Department of Official Report
  15. The Department of Research Services
  16. The Department of Sergeant-At-Arms
  17. The Parliamentary Budget Office
  18. The Commission Secretariat
  19. The Institute of Parliamentary Studies