Parliamentary Service

Article 87 (2) of the Constitution provides that there shall be such other members of staff as may be necessary for the efficient discharge of the functions of Parliament. The members of staff are public officers who are appointed by the Parliamentary Commission.

Section 9 (1) of the Administration of Parliament Act establishes the Parliamentary Service, which is headed by the Clerk to Parliament and is composed of the following departments and offices:



  1. Parliamentary Budget Office
  2. Department of Clerks
  3. Department of Legal and Legislative Services
  4. Department of Official Report
  5. Department of Research Services



  1. Department of Administration and Transport Logistics
  2. Department of Communication and Public Affairs
  3. Department of Corporate Planning and Strategy
  4. Department of Finance
  5. Department of Human Resource 
  6. Department of Information and Communication Technology
  7. Department of Library Services
  8. Department of Seargent at Arms



  1. The Offices of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker
  2. The Office of the Leader of Government Business 
  3. The Office of the Leader of the Opposition
  4. The Commission Secretariat
  5. The Institute of Parliamentary Studies
  6. Internal Audit