Office of the Clerk

The Office of the Clerk to Parliament was established after a comprehensive organisational review of the Parliamentary  Service carried out in 2003.

The Office of the Clerk comprises the Clerk to the House and two Deputy Clerks; one in-charge of Legislature Services and the other in-charge of Administrative Services.


  1. The Office of the Clerk is responsible for providing a vision and leadership to the Parliamentary Service and for initiating the strategies to acheive that vision.
  2. It provides advice and guidance to the Speaker with respect to the rules, procedures and protocol of Parliament and directs the internal management of the Service.
  3. The Clerk to Parliament is the de-facto Chief Executive Officer of the Parliamentary Service.

Deputy Clerk (Parliamentary Affairs)
Heads and oversees the activities of Parliamentary Affairs Directorate comprising five Departments; The Parliamentary Budget Office, Department of the Clerks, Department of Legal and Legislative Services, Department of Official Report, Department of Research Services.

Deputy Clerk (Corporate Affairs)
Heads and oversees the activities of Corporate Affairs Directorate comprising eight Departments; Department of Finance, Department of Administration and Transport Logistics, Department of Sergeant-at-Arms, Department of Library Services, Department of Information and Communication Technology, Department of Human Resource, Department of Corporate Planning and Strategy, Department of Communication and Public Affairs.

Key Contacts

Name Designation Telephone
Jane L. Kibirige

Clerk to Parliament


Paul G. Wabwire

Deputy Clerk (Parliamentary Affairs)


Henry Waiswa Yoweri

Deputy Clerk (Corporate Affairs)