NRM shakes up Sectoral Committee leadership

The ruling National Resistance Movement has dropped and replaced long serving committee leaders as Parliament approved designation of members to sectoral committees for the fourth session.

Parliament was on Wednesday 19 June 2024 meeting for the first time since the National Budget presentation held on Thursday last week.

The day’s business consisted only of the designation of members to sectoral committees in accordance with the Parliament Rules of Procedure. Composition of sectoral committees, which mainly process proposed legislation and monitor various sectors, changes every session or year.

Government Chief Whip, Hamson Obua, designated the party’s members on the committees together with the leadership, before the Opposition Whip, John Baptist Nambeshe (Opposition), Patrick Nsanja (Independent) and Lt. Col. Jennifer Alanyo (UPDF) designated the other members.

Hon. Janet Okori-Moe (NRM, Abim district) was dropped and replaced by Hon. Agnes Auma, (Ind., Lira district) as chairperson of the Committee on Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

The position of chairperson of the Committee on Tourism, Trade and Industry formerly occupied by Hon. Mwine Mpaka, remains vacant, while Northern Youth representative, Boniface Okot, gets a chance at Committee leadership, replacing Hon. Catherine Lamwaka as the Deputy Chairperson of the committee.

Hon. Lamwaka (NRM, Omoro district) has been appointed Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee, replacing Hon. Norah Bigirwa (NRM, Buliisa district). 

However, even though the designation was done, some of the leadership was not ready including the committees on East African Community Affairs; Gender, Labour and Social Development and Presidential Affairs. 

“Where you have heard of no leadership, we are consulting and we shall come back and fulfil the Rules of Procedure of this Parliament,” said Obua. 

Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi (FDC, Mawokoto County South) however questioned the incomplete designation exercise, arguing that according to the day’s business, all designations should have been handled. 

Speaker, Anita Among, guided that she received a communication from the government Chief Whip, requesting for two weeks, which she granted. 

“It is a continuous process, he will bring his people,” said Among. 

Meanwhile, the House rejected Nambeshe’s attempt to re-designate the leadership of the Committee on Government Assurance and implementation, positions occupied by 

Hon. Abed Bwanika (NUP, Kimaanya-Kabonera Division) and Hon. Joyce Bagala (NUP, Mityana district woman MP) respectively, to replace them with Hon. Joseph Ssewungu (NUP, Kalungu West County) and Hon. Betty Nuliyima (NUP, Wakiso District woman MP). 

Below is the list of Sectoral Committee leadership
Committee:    Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries
Chairperson:     Auma Agnes Linda
Vice Chairperson: Nakazibwe Grania Hope

Committee: Defence and Internal Affairs
Chairperson: Wilson Kajwengye
Vice Chairperson: Ngompek Linos

Committee: East African Community Affairs
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: Vacant

Committee: Education and Sports
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: James Kubeketerya

Committee: Finance, Planning and Economic Development
Chairperson: Kankunda Amos
Vice Chairperson: Aleper Moses

Committee: Foreign Affairs
Chairperson: Lamwaka Catherine
Vice Chairperson: Opolot Fred

Committee: Gender, Labour and Social Development
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: Vacant

Committee: Health
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: Dr. Opio Acuti Samuel

Committee: Information, Communication Technology and National Guidance
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: Ayoo Tonny

Committee: Legal and Parliamentary Affairs
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: Teira John

Committee: Environment and Natural Resources
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: Feta Geofrey

Committee: Physical Infrastructure
Chairperson: Atwijukire Dan Kimosho
Vice Chairperson: Awany Tonny

Committee: Presidential Affairs
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: Vacant

Committee: Public Service and Local Government
Chairperson: Ojara Martin Mapenduzi
Vice Chairperson: Vacant

Committee: Tourism, Trade and Industry
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chairperson: Okot Henry Boniface