LOP to name the new Shadow Cabinet

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon Betty Aol Ocan says she will  name a new Shadow Cabinet once Parliament returns from recess in  November.
Aol Ocan said that that despite the disunity in the Opposition, the 29 member Shadow Cabinet will consist of Members willing to work with her.
 “I know that MPs who support the new formation of Mugisha Muntu are more but this will not disrupt the work of Parliament” said Aol Ocan adding, “it is not about Besigye, Muntu or Amuriat , it is about the people of Uganda”.
Aol Ocan made these remarks during a live tweet chat about her first days in office and what she intends to do. The live social media engagement took place on Friday, 05 November 2018.The LOP added that there are Pro-Muntu MPs who are ready to work with her on the shadow cabinet.
 “There are about four MPs who say they want to rest while others despise the whole idea of a Shadow Cabinet,” said Aol Ocan.
She revealed that when  Parliament  resumes in November, the Opposition will focus on the Legal Aid Bill saying, “our people are poor and they suffer when it comes to seeking legal aid. It should not be NGOs and development partners providing legal aid; we want government to get involved”.
Aol Ocan also reiterated her call for electoral reforms which she says government is taking time to introduce despite repeated calls from Parliament.
“The evils in the electoral process are rooted; we need to review this. The president has a lot of powers, which have continuously disadvantaged us,” she said.