LOP set for nationwide engagement with political parties

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon Betty Aol Ocan, is to embark on a countrywide tour aimed at uniting the Opposition in and outside Parliament.
Aol Ocan who was appointed two months ago says she had planned to carry out the tour but was disrupted by circumstances that surrounded the Arua municipality by-election.
The LOP made this revelation when she paid a courtesy visit to the Democratic Party (DP) President, Hon Nobert Mao.
Aol Ocan applauded DP for the assurance to work with her office saying, “I am grateful for the love that DP has showed me today. I know I will be stronger with the support of all parties.”
Mao, recognizing the need for unity, stated, “we are few; if we are scattered, we will be finished one by one. As DP, we reiterate our commitment with continued cooperation with FDC, the leading party in Parliament, to ensure unity of the Opposition.”
Mao added that they would support the LOP’s programme of nationwide engagement with Opposition political leaders and urged Aol Ocan to move fast.
“We ask you to quickly meet Opposition Members of Parliament and all national opposition leaders to develop a joint agenda,” he said adding that, “we want to know which laws to amend and which programmes to focus on.”
The LOP commended the Opposition MPs who voted in favour of the motion to scrap the mobile money tax saying, “the people who look at the people centered agenda in Parliament are largely Members of the Opposition; I am not saying the ruling party doesn’t represent people but they are a few.”  
On whether the Opposition is ready for a sole candidate in 2021, Aol Ocan said it is an immature discussion within the Opposition.
“I am for unity in diversity. If fronting one candidate is desirable, then there is possibility for such a discussion,” she said.