What is the role of the Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA)?


This is an officer of the House charged with security of the Speaker and Members.

The Sergeant-at-Arms is the ceremonial custodian of the Mace and the implementer of all orders and actions requested by the Speaker.

The SAA carries the Mace in and out of the Chamber in a procession at the beginning and end of each sitting of the plenary.

The main role of the SAA is to provide a safe, clean and secure environment throughout the precincts of Parliament.

The specific functions of the SAA, which is a full department in the Parliamentary Service include to provide security to MPs, staff, visitors and facilities within the precincts of Parliament, to control admission and access to the precincts of Parliament, to provide proper ceremonial aspects of the House, to provide maintenance and cleaning services, to advise and administer allocation of offices and committee rooms, and to provide first aid services and occupational safety measures to minimize accidents and fire.