Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Millennium Development Goals


Since its formation in 2007 the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on the MDGs (UPFMDG) has been working with the Executive, Parliament, civil society and other stakeholders to ensure that Uganda complies with her commitments towards realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The UPFMDG, currently with 155 Members of Parliament, has been working on this through the Strategic Plan 2009-2013 whose objectives are to (i) influence legislation and policy (ii) influence resource allocation (iii) ensure that government is accountable in achieving MDG commitments (iv) cover at least 20% of the forum’s recurrent budget by 2013, and (v) ensure that the Forum sustains growth and vibrancy.

Some of the achievements registered include initiation of a series of activities to localize MDGs in communities; dissemination of research findings on MDGs to Parliament to enhance interest and commitment; some modest growth in UPFMDG membership; monitoring progress made towards achievement of the MDGs; increased visibility of the UPFMDG; and establishment of strategic linkages with various development partners including UNDP, UNICEF,UNFPA, German Development Service (DSW), and Partners in Population and Development, Africa Regional Office (PPD-ARO).

In the recent past the UPFMDG has been a key player in national consultations on the Post 2015 international development agenda. On April 22, 2013 the UPFMDG, The Forum organized a one-day national consultation meeting at Hotel Africana to consolidate the views emerging from the national consultations into one report. The meeting was attended by 249 participants from parliament, government, Civil Society Organizations, media organizations, private sector representatives, UN agencies in Uganda, the World Bank, the EU delegation, and the embassies of Germany, Denmark and Ireland. The outcome of that meeting led to production of the national report that was submitted to the UN High Level Committee in May 2013 as part of the global consultations on the Post 2015 international development agenda.

It is anticipated that the UPFMDG will play a central role in ensuring that Uganda continues to implement the MDGs; and will work to ensure that the key outcomes of the Post 2015 consultations both in Uganda and at the global level, particularly those relating to MDGs and Human and Sustainable Development, are integrated into Uganda’s national planning frameworks and effectively implemented in order to improve the livelihoods of Ugandans. Uganda is already committed to Human and Sustainable Development.

The UPFMDGs have got a vision, a mission, a goal, and four objectives.

A Uganda that has successfully addressed all MDGs and Human and Sustainable Development challenges

To improve the quality of life of Ugandans

To ensure that peoples’ livelihoods are enhanced through progressive government policies, legislation, and resource allocation on MDGs and Human and Sustainable Development activities


  • Objective 1: To make sure that national policies and legislation on MDGs, and Human and Sustainable Development are effectively implemented
  • Objective 2: To make sure MDGs and Human and Sustainable Development interventions receive adequate national resource allocations
  • Objective 3: To ensure that Central and local authorities and communities work towards achievement of MDGs, and Human and Sustainable Development goals
  • Objective 4: To enhance the capability of the UPFMDG so that it can realize its mission, goal and objectives.

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