Speaker Kadaga suspends House sittings

Speaker Kadaga suspends House sittings The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Kadaga Rebecca has suspended sittings of the House and directed the Parliament Committee on Rules Privileges and Discipline to review the behaviour of MPs in Tuesday’s Sitting.

In her address to Parliament November 28, the Speaker described the conduct exhibited by Members in yesterday’s prematurely adjourned House as unparliamentarily, unruly and disorderly. She said the behaviour exhibited by some MPs was beneath the dignity and honour expected of Honourable Members.

“Honourable Members, yesterday I prematurely adjourned the House because the atmosphere was not conducive for handling any meaningful business. Some honourable Members were rowdy, involved in heckling, shouting slogans and generally disrupted the proceedings of Parliament.  ,” she told legislators.

The Speaker reminded MPs to follow the provisions in the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure that cater for the behaviour of Members during debate, and ensure that there is order and discipline on the part of Members when handling any business.

“In a democratic institution like ours, it is expected that members across the divide will listen to each other, respect the others view and ultimately negotiate until a consensus is arrived at.  When a consensus cannot be arrived at, then the last option that can be explored is voting through any of the ways provided for in the Rules of Procedure. This is the behaviour which I expect from honourable members”, Speaker Kadaga added. 

The Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee has been directed by the Speaker to review and analyse video recordings of the house with a view of recommending punitive action against any members whose behaviour could have disrupted the proceedings of Parliament.

The Committee is to table its report before Parliament on Monday December 3, 2012.


-5 #2 Johnson Kasaka 2012-12-06 08:27
Hon. Members stand out for what ought to be question of the day, which is far beyond the self, a party, but for the common good of all Ugandan. This is a real taste of time that will judge us in the near by future. Oh God help us , help Uganda my prayer.
-6 #1 Geoffrey Mwedde 2012-11-29 07:45
The way we manage the oil will determine whether it turns out to be a blessing or a curse. At this point I do not think we should consider numbers. I was amazed to hear that some MPs didn't even know the content of clause 9 of the bill but turned out to vote!

Let's look at local examples: management of roads, national parks, trade and industry...; do the ministers responsible for these have equivalent powers? That is, to approve plans, issue guidelines, issue licenses...?

Ugandans and especially Honorable MPs, let's sober up and DO THE RIGHT THING!

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