heitml Message

Error Accessing the database

ORA-00904: "TBLMPNAME"."CONSTITUENCYNO": invalid identifier (60) Errorcode = -904, ISAM = 0

host: `localhost'
user: `mpdata'
database name: `tenG'

File /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/mpdata/mps1.hei
Line: 78 Column: 25
Statement: SELECT tblmp.mpid as add_id, tblmpname.mpno as m_id, INITCAP(tblmpname.surname) as sname, INITCAP(tblmpname.othernames) as onames, INITCAP(tblconstituency.constituencyname) as const, tblconstituency.districtno as dist_id, INITCAP(tbldistrict.districtname) as distname,tblparty.partyname,tblparty.description From ((( TBLMPNAME INNER JOIN TBLCONSTITUENCY ON TBLMPNAME.CONSTITUENCYNO = TBLCONSTITUENCY.CONSTITUENCYNO) INNER JOIN TBLDISTRICT ON TBLCONSTITUENCY.DISTRICTNO = TBLDISTRICT.DISTRICTNO) INNER JOIN TBLMP ON TBLMPNAME.MPNO = TBLMP.MPNO) INNER JOIN TBLPARTY ON TBLMP.PARTYNO = TBLPARTY.PARTYNO WHERE TBLMP.PARLIAMENTNO=5.000000 and TBLMP.MPSTATUSNO=1 AND (lower(tblmpname.surname) like '%%' OR lower(tblmpname.othernames) like '%%') ORDER BY tblmpname.surname ASC

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