Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association (UWOPA)


The Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association (UWOPA), which comprises of all women Members of Parliament, was established during the National Resistance Council (NRC) in the 5th Parliament of Uganda (1989-1994) with the aim of engendering the Legislative process, creating awareness campaigns and encouraging lobbying as well as advocacy, networking, resource mobilization and information dissemination.  UWOP provides a forum for Women MPs to discuss, share experiences and support activities that would enhance women’s participation, effective leadership in all dimensions of politics including socio-economics, science and technology.

UWOPA is a major contributor to a just and gender sensitive constitution, legislation and national policies that enable political, social and economic empowerment of the women and men in Uganda.

Social justice, peace and economic empowerment for all.

To ensure engendered laws, policies, political processes and equity in resource allocation to improve the quality of life of women through effective representation, capacity building, political support and networking.

Overall Objectives

  1. To identify critical areas of political and economic concern and develop approaches, structures and strategies to address them.

  2. To engender legislative issues and processes in Parliament so as to address the gender gap in all legislations.

  3. To emancipate women in Uganda by empowering women members of parliament to carry out developmental activities in their areas.

  4. To mobilise and encourage women to participate effectively in political and economic aspects at national development.

  5. To research, document and disseminate gender disaggregated data on women’s contribution at national level.

  6. To encourage networking among women members of parliament, women Parliamentary Associations and facilitate communication and cooperation with other organisations with similar objectives.

  7. To form a pressure group that analyses and translates information and cooperation with other organisations with similar objectives.

  8. To do any other lawful activity necessary and incidental to the achievement of the above objectives.



Parliament of the Republic of Uganda.

Plot 16-18 Parliament Avenue

P.O BOX 7178, Kampala, Uganda.

Tel: +(256) 414 377 000/150.

Fax: +(256) 414 346 826. spin station free spins no deposit
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