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The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda is mandated under Article 79 of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda to make laws on any matter “for the peace, order, development and good governance of Uganda.” The Parliament acknowledges the contribution and ability of the Ugandans in the Diaspora to contribute to development.

The Parliament of Uganda has been interfacing with Ugandans in the Diaspora through the electronic media which has been made easier with the advent of Social Media. The other form of interaction is at the annual events i.e. Uganda North America Association (UNAA) and United Kingdom (UK) Conventions. The other gatherings now include the Busoga Twegaite in US & UK and the Nordic Conventions.

These interactions are essential for creating links and sustainable communication channels through which Ugandans in the Diaspora can get information about Parliament of Uganda, Uganda at large and how Parliament can support them.

In recognition of that, the Parliament of Uganda decided to introduce a Diaspora desk to coordinate views, reports, follow-up on investments, policies, and other related issues of the Diaspora.


This Diaspora Desk creates a link where Ugandans in the Diaspora channel their views and proposals to Parliament.

The specific objectives are to: -

  • To share experiences and exposure with other institutions on how to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable Parliamentary services to Ugandans in the Diaspora;
  • To consult and coordinate with Ugandans in the Diaspora on their expectations, needs and initiatives of the Parliament of Uganda and;
  • To draw a clear road-map for delivering effective and efficient Parliamentary Services to Ugandans in the Diaspora.

 As a result of this interaction between Parliament led by the Rt.Hon. Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga and the Ugandans in the Diaspora, three health facilities around the country have received support.
Medical equipment was mobilised by the Ugandans in the United States with support from Medishare and Coca Cola International. Kamuli Hospital, Kalangala and Kakuuto Health Centre IIIs benefitted from these donations.

Other initiatives that aim at having Ugandans invest back home are in progress and this is expected to boost the economy. It has been noted that Ugandans in the Diaspora contribute greatly to the economy through remittances back home.

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Twegaite 2017  Washington DC

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