‘Introduce science, technology early in school’

RT. HON REBECCA KADAGA ALONG WITH HON SARAH NAJJUMA AND OTHER GUESTS COMMISSIONING TOGGO CHILDRENS CENTRE ON 4TH  AUGUST 2017 1616The Speaker of Parliament, RT. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has urged school heads to introduce science and technology courses at an early level to enable learners take interest in the fields.

Kadaga explained that technological advancements and use in various aspects of life meant that children needed proper guidance from teachers and to take up science based courses right from the start of their learning.
“Please introduce science and technology to the pupils at an early stage, in addition to playing, singing and dancing,” she said, adding that, “In addition to balls, introduce aeroplanes, tractors, radios and ships, such that children can get exposed and take interest in these fields later on in education and life.”

Speaker Kadaga was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of Toggo Children’s Centre in Nakaseke on Friday 4th August 2017.
Toggo Children’s Centre is located in Toggo – Lwetunga Village, 67 km on the Kampala/Kapeeka Road in Nakaseke district. It comprises over 1,000 pupils and students in kindergarten, primary section and a secondary school section (Senior 1 and 2).
Kadaga pledged to use her contacts in government to get the school the much needed electricity and support in setting up of staff residences.
She urged the assembled parents to make use of government programmes including Operation Wealth Creation to earn income and keep their children in school.
“I also urge men to support women in keeping children in school. Men should not abandon this responsibility,” said Kadaga.

She added, “The President declared 2017 as the year of the family. Let us live by example in keeping our families together, and earning incomes and keeping children in school together.”

Hon. Sarah Najjuma (NRM, Nakaseke district) appealed to government to assist private education institutions by paying salaries of some of their teachers. She also called for legislation to force men not to neglect their responsibilities of looking after their children.

The Director of the School, Mr. Stephen Trint Kubolyabalamu, said he started with a primary and secondary school although his initial intention was to establish a vocational training school, a dream he still holds.
He said that the school will continue to guide and develop pupils and students morally and spiritually despite the challenges of lack of power, teachers accommodation and a poor road network that gets impassable during rainy seasons keeping some children away.

The school was set up with support from the Bridgeway Christian Church based in California, USA, which has provided about US$ 500,000.
Pastor Lance Hahn from the Bridgeway Christian Church, praised the school, arguing that by providing education, the school was “mining the potential of children and investing in the nation.”
“When I drive around this place, I see children and people of promise, power and unlimited potential. Children are the future of every nation,” said Mr. Hahn.



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