MPs pay tribute to the Late Rurangaranga

PRIME MINISTER HON RUKAHANA RUGUNDA MOVES MOTIONT O PAY TRIBUTE TO LATE MAJ. EDWARD RURANGARANGA 030817Parliament has paid special tribute to the late Hon. Maj. Edward Rurangaranga who passed away on Tuesday 1st August, 2017 at his country home in Sheema District.

In a special sitting held to the honour the late Maj. Rurangaranga, the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dr Ruhakana Rugunda moved the motion to pay said that the late was  very generous and  had the country’s best interests at heart.
“The late Maj. Rurangaranga was a very diligent leader who played an instrumental role in shaping the destiny of the country; serving with dedication and patriotism,” Dr Rugunda said.

The Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah said that each and every person can make a contribution in one way or another that cannot be dismissed.
“Let us build on what we have and base on exemplary people like Maj. Rurangaranga who contributed a great deal to our country; he was peaceful in his political endeavours and never discriminated against anyone, something that we should embrace,” Oulanyah noted.  

Hon. Roland Mugume (Rukungiri Municipality), while speaking on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition said Rurangaranga was always a high flying individual who initiated social and infrastructure projects in form of schools, hospitals, roads and many other things.
“He was never tribalistic and accommodated the late President Milton Obote when he visited Sheema. He was unshakeable in his belief in the Uganda People’s Congress and never sold his conscience for political prosperity and stayed firm to his beliefs,” Mugume added.

He urged government to recognise people who have shaped the past and present of the country. We need a policy which persons should be honoured to avoid leaving out some important people.

Hon. Cecilia Ogwal noted that Maj. Rurangaranga focused his attention on the development of education and health in his home area investing his assets and giving land to for the construction of  Kitagata Hospital.

Hon. James Micheal Akena (Lira Municipality) said praised Rurangaranga for being a patriot who put his country first before self.
“Rurangaranga built an ideal image of congressmen who positively shaped the future of the country. He and others at the time knew their task which was to improve the livelihood of the people of Uganda and as fellow congressmen this is something we need to embrace,” Akena said.

Akena said that Rurangaranga sought unity and focus across all boundaries.
“This is something we must emulate; let us make sure our efforts yield an improvement in the lives of Ugandans,” Akena added
The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Kahinda Otafiire also said that Rurangaranga was tenacious in his beliefs, very reliable and an understanding man.
“As we get to the evenings of our lives, we should learn to tolerate each other; gone are the days when we took up arms to resolve our differences. Let us sit down, discuss and agree to disagree and move on as a country and that is what people like Rurangaranga stood for,” he said.

Hon. Jalia Bintu (Masindi District) said that Maj. Rurangaranga told her never to detach herself from her voters, be down to earth and assist people.
“He also encouraged me to have a personal project as much as possible in the event that I lose my seat as MP. He told me that he supports all projects by the government that elevate the status and lifestyle of the citizens regardless of the fact that he has different political beliefs,” Bintu said.



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