Oulanyah Launches Dano pa Dano Foundation

Oulanyah at the launchThe Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, has launched “Dano pa Dano” foundation in Omoro district.
Speaking at the launch on Sunday, 30th July 2017, Oulanyah said that the foundation would focus on creative and sustainable initiatives that will attract resources and funding to the activities.
He added that the foundation would also establish Dano pa Dano Cooperative and Savings Union as a means of strengthening and promoting financial transactions among the people of Omoro.
"If Omoro is to have a leap in development, then our thinking and mindsets must change. Free things are not sustainable," he said. He urged his constituents to be flexible so that they are able to adapt to the ever-changing environment and weather.

"We must adopt strategies that enable us see quick changes. I see a lot of unused land and yet some people are still waiting for handouts," he said.

The District Chairperson Omoro, Peter Douglas Okello, extended his appreciation to Oulanyah for his leadership and further thanked him for the donations of 1,000 chairs and tents.

He implored Omoro councilors to ensure unity of the people, saying that it is the only way the district can move forward and develop together. He cautioned the people to desist from engaging in unproductive politics but instead embrace developmental initiatives.

The event, which was attended by Hon. Catherine Lamwaka (Woman, Omoro), Chief Administrative Officer Omoro, John Bosco Akera, Resident District Commissioner Gulu, Santa Okot Lapolo, Councilors, NRM chairpersons and constituents is the first of a series of interactive events that Dano pa Dano Foundation will organize to engage the people of Omoro.



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