Planned Activities


  1. Drafting of Policy Documents between November 2017 to April 2019
    1. Strategic Plan: Stakeholder consultations and Final Drafting
    2. Financial Procedures and Guidelines: Stakeholder consultations and Final Drafting
    3. Communication Strategy: Stakeholder consultations and Final Drafting
  2. Constitutional Review between December 2017 to April 2018
  3. Executive Committee Management Visits
    1. Geraldo Cambiete, APLESA President is to visit  Secretariat to finalize with the Opening of APLESA Dollar Bank account
    2. Ms Chama Mpundu Mfula, the APLESA Vice President to visit Kenya Parliamentary training Centre to discuss training and drafting of the strategic plan before Botswana conference
    3. Geraldo Cambiete, APLESA President and Ms Chama Mpundu Mfula, APLESA Vice President visit to Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Lesotho, and South Sudan to drum support for the parliamentary libraries to join APLESA.


  • Drafting and Compiling Operational Budget for 2017/18