• Development and adoption of a uniform library system notably the Koha Integrated Library System that can enable creation of a Union catalogue for APLESA region among others
  • APLESA website Development and production of APLESA Newsletter.
  • To carry out APLESA Conferences and Meetings but open for competitive bidding to all members to avoid failures in hosting the said conferences and meetings like it was the case since 2003
  • Training of Library and Research staff on Access to Information. Work has been done through the assistance by the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) in Uganda and Kenya. Some members parliaments were invited for this training
  • Implementation of approved APLESA activities by the Executive and the APLESA Secretariat. These include Website design and development,


  • APLESA secretariat opening of APLESA account
  • Implementation of the new rates for the revised annual subscription, Membership and conference registration fees of US$ 200, US$100, and US$50 respectively has been done